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  • iCLATCH I // Clinical aspects of itch
    Characterization and comparison of pruritus characteristics and burden of chronic pruritus in different pruritic skin disorders

  • iCLATCH II // Clinical aspects of itch
    Characterization of different patterns of pruritus provoked by different itch inducing substances

  • iCHIP // Itch in psoriasis
    Define prevalence and impact of itch in psoriasis patients and prepare for further studies aiming at defining biomarkers of itch in psoriasis

  • iCholUQoL // Quality of Life in Cholinergic Urticaria
    Development of a tool to study the burden of CholU and to follow the changes of Quality of Life during therapy

  • CRIPS // Cromoglicate in Psoriasis
    Evaluate the efficacy of cromoglicate cream compared to cream vehicle in the treatment of itch in psoriasis

  • iEMMA // Effects of p38-MAP Kinase-inhibitor on Mast cell activation
    Investigate the anti-inflammatory effect of a p38 MAPKinase inhibitor (EO1606) in contact eczema or mast cell driven inflammation

  • iETOP // Effects of topical propranolol on itch
    Investigate the anti-pruritic and anti-inflammatory effect of a topical beta-adrenergic antagonist (propranolol)

  • iVEGF (iETOK) // Potential for effects of topical administration of multi-kinase inhibitor LEO27989
    Evaluating effects of the multikinase inhibitor LEO27989 and propranolol on phosphorylation of VEGFR2

  • PCT // Prurigo Control Test
    Develop and validate a clinical score for prurigo (including prurigo nodularis [PN] and prurigo simplex[PS]), to define neuropathology in prurigo, to detect impairment in pain vs. itch sensitivity, and to identify histologic and serum biomarker

  • iTAPP // Topical aprepitant in prurigo patients
    Investigate the efficacy and safety of topical treatment with aprepitant gel (10 mg/g gel) on pruritus compared to placebo, after 4 weeks of treatment in prurigo patients.


"IL-31 does not induce immediate itch in atopic dermatitis patients and healthy controls after skin challenge", Hawro et al (Allergy 2014)

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On 31 October 2012 the International Institute for Dermatological Allergology was founded in Berlin.

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With the start of the IDEAL Summer School, a new training initiative was launched in Berlin with 100 physicians specialized in dermatology, pediatrics...

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